our cosmos is life's creation

69 - control our aura in the Universe.

Energy Packs with a tail to swim.
Can you imagine the Electronic Guidance System involved
Following the mystic trail

Changing light into Life Structures
Volvox with daughter spheres - Take note the green plankton to capture light.

1.  Logica tells us that we the Living have the obligation to get everything away from the black hole.
That hole is our contraparte. nothing but MASS/Energy
To do that we have to speed things up
this means to be in control of the total content of our Heliosfere
all the many worlds within
Link here to see all the many worlds within
2.  That is the reason why we have to
gain and maintain control
of every planet, asteroid, meteorite, rock or ice-block.
Every Newton of kinetic energy out there.
must be under control and directed to our advantage. 
Yes let us empower of all the energy out there.
We are sure to find chunks of ancient rare earth elements
earth supply is going to run out in 50yrs.
Matter under control is our tools, arms and wealth of the future.
It does not require much energy to gain and keep control.
Just a breath of plasma
just like photon spin to change the aura of an electron.

Life move large masses against the forces of gravity
Life move large masses against the forces of gravity.

dream castles in space
Just imagine these dream castles in space.

3.  Intelligent reason will indicate
 where they should go.
Such as deflecting incoming intruders - speeding up planets, like mars, by means of her watery moon to improve spin, ad nucleus to improve magnetism, to heat up and melt the frigit - to move into place and join us here in our golden zone. it is all about the sequence and timing of events
Intelligent reason must re-create the whole order of the Universe
Synchronize movements to create order and harmony in resonance.
From right here, our Idréa. As a concept of the planing of a perfect creation - creation to perfection
Easier to see as Bio-Logica.

Spermatozoa make up with Mitochondrial sheath as a plasma power source

uncontroled dark matter floating out there
Kinetic energy of  debris is our building blocks for the future.

4.  How - just like spermatozoa.
Meaning - intelligent communications in the DNA control center have a mitochondria energy source and a plasma tail for propulsion.
We maintain visual contact with the objective in our sights.
Come in from behind synchronize spin around the common center
to latch on the last moment, the asteroid hunters, just like video games -
rich your objective and empower to control
Now you go on standby for further instructions.

Comes together like molecular clouds
Space craft comes together to form swarms like Mandarin Wasps. To form clusters to share a ride or move things in uni-some - now we can imagine a Molecular Cloud
Space craft comes together like molecular clouds

 5.  In the month of November 2011 an asteroid pass close to earth -
We wonder when man will make his second attempt to empower
according to mi-th it must be before 2012, remember.
 I am sure we will find many a chunk of rare earth minerals out there.
Control all the dust out there, is to bring order to our Cosmos Idréa.
To make it come alive.

6.  Nanotechnology is very diverse, ranging from extensions of conventional device physics to completely new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly, from developing new materialswith dimensions on the nanoscale to direct control of matter on the atomic scale. Nanotechnology entails the application of fields of science as diverse as surface science, organic chemistry, molecular biology, semiconductor physics, micro-fabrication, or better known as 3D printers used in the fabrication of anything you can imagine in the real world - now think about mother ships with 3D abilities

observe dark matter
Observe dark matter which is alive in the foreground
Venus in conjunction - Haiku

7.  We sincerely are of the opinion
There is a million reasons why man do not belong in space for exploration -
Surely cheaper - OK short periods of recreation is OK -
We must create the Life forms like robots
mandarin wasps, and moon rabits to do the exploration
swarms together to inter act, coordinate, is an insect like instinct
Mother-ships with a robotic crew, to make and carry spares, to recharge, refuel, maintain, catch, to tag with a signal beacon,  to keep tract, move, position, and mine things out there.
 Everything controlled from here, our home 
Man have evolutionized billions of years to adapt to our Mother-Earth we call our home base
nothing to do with the void and weightlessness out there

Airbus 380 landing

8.  By the way. We are of the opinion
 Aircraft control should be handed over to the computers
 completely automated - they never get sleepy, tire or make mistakes - OK, with human supervision around. Sensors forming a digetal grid world wide, on the airstrips and everywhere, to control all the movement of many - within 100mm
taking all variables into account.

Automated Global GPS for all transit Control
highway transit systems

Look inside airbus 380

 9.  Space craft comes together to form swarms like mandarin wasps, inter comunicate, reason like a Focus Group. To form clusters to share a ride or move things in uni-some - now we can imagine a molecular cloud as in this image above.

Global Networking
Global Networking of all energy resources

10.  All transit must have globalized GPS - automated control
 all vehicles must be in communication with each other
 to come to an agreement on speed, priority, make space for entering of a new flow
Where everyone have his Id - IP#.
The internet of things in control
You get into your vehicle set destination and can go to sleep.
Intelligence find the shortest fastest way
when you open your eyes - you are at home.
Petroleo - Energy is where the money goes
we are reflecting the harmony with our surroundings - as a perfect camouflage

 the cosmic mind of us all.

"The Machine", it uses "electrons for processing, photons for communication, and ions for storage."


11.  Our vision is only a part of the whole

our memory of the reflections from the living,

 like from the delicate pink rose in the image attached

very much alive, and only exists as long as this memory

long after her death she remain with us

as an image deeply rooted in memory. 

a momento in time
12.  the whole story is - the sum of all the reflected light-spin-energy out there
the scope of insight is the range of thought - faster than light
also means to know the future of very distant suns heading to disaster
cosmic consciousness -  the universal mind of us all
our engraved vision is only a part of the whole - our memory of the reflections, from the living
like from the delicate pink rose in the image attached - very much alive
and only exist as long as this memory - long after her death she remain with us
as an image - in memory

Man made Spacepics from the Rosette
A place of many worlds within our Universe

Yes here in Our Own Milky Way
Southern night vision of our celestial sky.
Southern night vision of our celestial sky.

13.  The Macrocosm mirror the Microcosm


The spinning atoms in hafnium carbide crystals

"lock together"

in the same stable geometric shape as the face of the crystals.

I think the word is resonate in harmony. 

Then there are galaxies, called

dwarf spheroidals,

Gama ray Auras of our milky-way
Confined Energy Discharge from the nucleus of our Galaxy

Massive Star in NGC-6357

they only contain a few stars and almost no gas or dust,

With super stable spherical nucleus,

 like the atoms of a heavy metal, or a Bucky ball.

 a cosmic multipole magnet spinning as a giant dynamo, generating an enormous protective plasma field of charged Particles.

Protons or is it Positrons I am not sure - oposing diferencial polarity MVe gamma ray AURA. Pure Brutal energy that comes from the nuecleo of our milkyway just like an over energized heavy metal Atom, start rediating in gama.. Now if we can nuetralize one jet, we take of in the oposing direction like a plasma motor.

International space station - ISS

Partial Eclipse of Helios
Please observe evidence of  man - as a Sun Speck

14.  All depending what we feed our Sun. 

Wonder what happen,  if we bombard the Sun, to improve spin,  with nickelironceramicrocks that is floating out there, 1,2,3,4,

How about all the spend fuel rods we have stashed everywhere.

We might just find a soothing effect like throwing salt in boiling water

To stop Helios's 11yr tantrum and impeding massive solar flares that might be devastating to our electronic equipment.


Heliosphere   Photoshop Plasma Donut
Plasma Donut

Where there is harmony and order there is LIFE
Try to identify the gravitational cosmic lenzes
Try to identify the gravitational cosmic lenzes

15.  Just the right angle, and speed should speedup the sun somehow. It is all about timing, and the secuencia of controled happenings . Faster spin means bigger and cooler.  More economic, and stronger magnetic fields, better flux mean higher current in the plasma flow sheets.





Heliosphere - to Start a Plasma Donut
To make a Plasma Donut - It must spin faster.

.Evolutionised Do-nut of Life in Ring Galaxy
Get away from that Hole -The nucleus can not  stabilize for ever without masive Gama radiation
A Nuclei about to emit Gama rays

16.  Now punch a hole right through Helios's magnetic poles, to make a donut.

This hole becomes a void. (singularity).

Spinning donut plasmas make the best magnetic fields.

Expanding the plasma field of the heliosphere,

 to a higher differential polarity. Relative to the surrounding milky-way

Generation of the counter current that is slowing everything down, is the control current.



Directional Plasma Thrust
Heliosphere  Plasma    Blast
The Trace of a Space Tractor.

Kept in place by electro magnatic forces

17.  Anything Carried in by the magnetic flux entering the Polar Cusp.

Will be leaving the other side of the Donut as a plasma blast at near light speed. Now we have  Directional Plasma Thrust. Changing the angle of the polar cusp makes for steering . Now our Heliosphere is mobile and can displace itself. To avoid any cosmic mishap that comes our way. 

The CERN Large Hadron Collider would make a perfect "space tractor" to move Large rocks around in space.

stellar evolution
stellar  evolution

Earth  aurora

18.  The magnetic quantum number denotes the energy levels available, and the relative energy charge of the Heliosphere. Spin governs the magnetic field interactions between heavenly bodies, such as similar poles facing each other, and other particles. Electrostatic phenomena arise from the forces that electric charges exert on each other, e.g. an electron and a proton, that together make up a hydrogen atom, is about 40 orders of magnitude stronger than the gravitational force acting between them.  I identified and refer to this attraction as love elsewhere in these writings.

 Codes for Intelligent genetic Logica
Codes for Intelligent genetic Logica

Our Space Ship Heliosphere
Our Space Ship Heliosphere
Our Space Ship Heliosphere Present

19.  We have our "Heliosphere" to our disposal, our Cosmos to be,  is our Space Ship now. We must plan population in the Golden Zone around our sun forming an enormous donut of Life-structures like an enormous cell with many micro organs. There is enough material out there for 5..6..7 planets, all spinning harmonious in the Golden Zone. We can start with Mercurio. Just the right size rock with the right speed impact on the sun side - to improve spin and throw him out of orbit on his way to join us. Spin is needed , for internal energy generation – electro-magnetic force. Now we can send an icy-rock or two to take water, and we can start gardening, so when she arrive in orbit to join Us.

Electro Magnatic forces in action

 Demeter and Mercurio two of the seven sister planets. She is already blooming with Life.
The first goal - To gain control of all the space debris out there
Meaning all asteroids, meteors, all Mass is precious kinetic energy,
Tools to shape our future, or defend our world.
Comparable to a Photon to change the probabilistic cloud of an Electron. The energy stored in these roughs must be wisely applied to shape the future and how things work in our Cosmos Idrea..

One of the first destined for space.

Space Shuttle Columbia launching
Moving large Masses against the forces of gravity.

20.  Intelligent Life changes the laws of nature and the Universe.
Moving large masses against the forces of gravity.
We the human race is crowned with intelligence, knowledge, reasoning, and the ability to know and see the future of all.
We must assume the responsibility as gods of creation.
Take charge of this planet, to dominate the air, oceans, and land, to cultivate our planet with intelligence in a global conscious effort.

Imagine on a cosmic scale
Waterworld  translucent  jellyfish
Translucent Life

21.  The living creates live structures to survive under any circumstance. (Such as Rov's & Bots)
Life is capable to engineer the world of matter to atomic precision,
 every atom where we want and need it to be
 so matter become alive
(molecular nanotechnology or MNT and with 3D printing techniques we can make anything
changing all the elements of the Universe into living structures called our Cosmos Idréa 

Real Graphene on Atomic Scale
Real Graphene on Atomic Scale

22.  Changing all the elements of the universe, 
into the Cosmos for the living.
And  intelligent life takes over and control everything on Universal scale by bio-logica - objective reasoning and planing  the ruling force to create the future by means of layered technologies
Molecules at a time.

Inti dios del sol
 The only Constant Source of Energy we can count on
peru inca adorando a inti - dios del sol

Aten disk

23.  Awaiting the Era of light 
This concept was also defined by Egypt's Sun King: Akhenaten to be the first monotheist and scientist in history 

Nefertiti and her husband were known for a religious revolution

in which they worshiped one god only,

Aten, or the sun disc.

at the same time echo these words with our American native tribes - there was trade and change of information in those days - The Egyptians dominated sailing with small fast boats, and were masters in kite flying aids - as al good fishermen knew about the trade winds.
  intellect will find all the many ways to change, capture and preserve Diwo's light as only constant source of energy, we can count on 
that will last long enough
to change the aura of our space-ship, into an enormous living cell  by Bio-Logica
Our cosmos Idréa, now in the making
2012, we have grasp the "Era of Light"
insight into the Bio-Logica.

Gravitational Lenz of Dark Matter
Hubble image of Gravitational Lensing and Dark Matter
Hubble image of Gravitational Lensing and Dark Matter

Now we have the Magic of Digital Images
Completed  Printed  Circuit  Board (Atom by Atom)
Arange matter to atomic precision

The imergence of Life in Terms of Thermodynamic Entropy.

24.  Looking at Hubble images of Gravitational Lensing and Dark Mater I have came to the following conclusions.
This is the blue Aura of Cosmic Life, the halo of the living.
Ethereal Auras of LIFE, The extended influence sphere of living creatures with intelligence
Because of reader demand I will try to project from the inner eye (imagination) more on this subject. As I see them in shades of blue
The Replication of the Double Helix Molecule of intelligent Life is changing all the Byronic Matter of our universe into Life Structures, called dark matter, which is Life structures independent of water,
and maintains control over its functions, over vast distances.
the extend of this influence sphere is called
The Cosmic Halo of Life, or just, Cosmos.
Comparable to our own Heliosphere.
(or earthling Cosmos awaiting the control of mankind.)
Yes, we can move our Spaceship Helios - remember the Living does not hold by universal laws - LIFE make his own - such as "Anything can be moved from its set course -Lets start with planet Mercurio - with the right Photon with the right speed and angle, at the right intervals, we change the orbit the way we want." Therefor as said elsewhere - Each particle , meteorite, asteroid, or rock out there is Precious Matter to us. and must be under our control to direct this enormous energy to Control the bigger whole. Each projectile well directed to it's goal will bring ordered harmony and resonance in our Space Ship Helios.

Behaves like an enormous drop of water
Enormous Water Drops in Space



Enormous Gravitatinal Lenz spanning many galaxies
Click to see LARGE Gravitational Aura of LIFE
Like so many drops of LIFE.

25.  Cosmic LIFE behaves like an enormous drop of water floating in Space, completely mobile,  and changing shape, with a protective shield highly charged.

Bow shock interaction with surrounding plasma spheres, and galactic winds producing violent interaction and discharges, in all the gamma of EM frequencies.

All kinds of energy interaction involved in this border zone. where diferential polarities of helios reach astronomical values and discharges. 

Her name is Fantasia
To Control Heavenly bodies you need the magic of the mind

Life on a Cosmic Scale.
Imagine Darkmatter on a Cosmic Scale
Imagine Darkmatter on a Cosmic Scale

26. Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) is unpredictable and devastating to all Life over vast distances.

It is due to the continues creation that is going on,  a big-bang somewhere, in the universe every so many years.

 Resulting in material for a new galaxy,

 and it’s equivalent singularity or black hole,

 the event horizon (knife edge) is where creation starts and continue.

 on the opposite sides of the hole emerge very highly charge particles, Gama rays at the speed of light, as can be seen in our own milky way.

Gama ray Auras of our milky-way
Confined Energy Discharge from the nucleus of our Galaxy

Driving force of Lifes origins in terms of Thermodynamic Entropy
Define LIFE in other Words.

Earth Magnetosphere with flow currents
Earth Magnetosphere with flow currents
Earth Magnetosphere with flow currents

27. Prevent all this building material to fall back in the Nada.
Remember,”LIFE change the laws of the Universe.”
To be free of the Hole,
Everything have to be speed-ed up ever so slightly,
this also means to "gain control".
Input of Directional Energy means Control. 
Is only a small change in the direction of the Kinetic Energy in the mass drifting in our Heliosphere.
Intelligence indicate where it should go.

28. Our Spaceship is the Heliosphere.


Now imagine all the planets nicely packed, around the Sun, in the Golden Zone.

We have material to make many planets more.

 each with the right spin energy level

All the magnetic fields overlapping and resonating.

Stable as a cristal in space,

 like a buckey ball, or do we call it our  - Heliosphere mobile cell as far as the plasma extend highly polarized - the sun must be changing magnetic fields as earth have.

How many centuries to get there
Click to see in LARGE
Daybreak over IDREA the Cosmos of Man - Chupicuaro el lugar azulado.
Daybreak over IDREA the Cosmos of Man
29. The Blue Aura of Life and the Living

Life’s Aura and Influence Sphere spans beyond,

 and engulf many many galaxies and star clusters,

 thousands of light years across.

It is the structures of intelligent life,

 the Cosmos of Pythagoras the Greek is pushing space out in time.

Remember "The Creation of a Divine Cosmos by the living".

Life is the reason why the universe is expanding, =

Growth rate of Life, =

the second B-bang of Re-Creation.

Is all Bio-Logical expansión

until this rock becomes alive


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